If your interested in financing one of my properties its very straight forward.

We can show you custom terms that we have and what we need to get if we were to wait on getting paid back.

We will both agree on these terms or customize them until we can come into agreement.

Usually there is a down payment involved in order to secure the property and start making payments so we will go over that too,

typically the higher the down payment the better monthly payment you will get, and also the more willing we will be able to stretch out the terms. One thing that really helps out my buyers secure good monthly payments putting forward a higher down payment, but not all buyers have this to put up front. So we offer a hybrid option in which you can finance your first intial down payment over the course of a few months.

so say you had to put $9,000 down to secure $300 a month for 3 years. You can just simply spit that $9,000 down payment into 3 months. So you will pay $3,300 for 3 months and $300 for the remaining amount until its paid off.

Just before you send us your down payment though we always like to put this in writing. So we will send you alink to fill out that will ask you what names and contact info you would like to put on the agreement.

that link is here if you would like to review it.

We will then email you or text you a link to an offical payment agreemnt in which you can read and esign.

from there we will collect your down payment, via wire transfer, zelle, or cash app.

Once both of those are in we will set up your payment system through our note servicing company, in which they will cover pulling the monthly payments out. The company we use is also able to build your credit if you choose to do this option. You will have your own online portal to track any monthly payments you made, and when it will end.

So now we have a payment agreement, a down payment made and a Monthly service company to handle all of our monthly transactions.

Now we just need to expect that you will make your payments each month. We do charge lates fees if you are late, or you decide to post pone the payment.

once all of your payments are completed we will record the offical Deed to the county recorders office to transfer complete ownership.


If you want to pay off the property early you can contact us

30 days in advance and let us know, we will give you your outstanding balance by canceling any interest if you have it, and adding up what you currently have paid in principal payments. You just need to pay that remaining amount to us, and we will also record the deed in your name as soon as possible.


You can earn a credit off of your debt that you owe us if you refer us to another interested customer. If they finance or purchase our other properties cash we, will give you a 25% credit off what ever one time payment they do.


You can not build anything permanent on the property that requires a permit while financing. In some cases we will allow you to build fencing if you do it withing the perimeter of the property.

if you want information on what you can do with vacant land without pulling any permits are getting planning approval then send us your email here and we will send you an Ebook on it.

Any other questions you have you can Call (909)360-4707 and we will be happy to walk you over it