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Grading your land using a drag sled!

Although using a Back Hoe or any other heavy Industrial Vehicle can do the job just fine! Customizing a portable drag sled or purchasing one online can be also a very effective way to remove shrubbery around your property along with grading onsite unpaved roads! 

Avoid Costly Septic Systems!

Depending on the situation at hand, spending money on a huge septic system can be completely unnecessary! Most owners of vacation properties are typically only living in there custom small home for 1-2 weeks at a time. There are many affordable compost toilets online that can be suitable for this ideal get away. Ranging from $50-$1000, these septic alternatives are an easy and portable way to add the basic necessity to any small structure with out breaking the budget! 

Ground Mount Solar Solutions!

Not every structure needs to be tied to grid! The ever improving solar industry is becoming more affordable and convenient as each day passes! Keeping a simple and off grid philosophy in mind, solar ground systems can do wonders for providing more than enough energy required to run your structure! Many studies show they can produce even more then traditional rooftop systems, and the best news is you have a lot more room to work with, being that they are on the ground, elevated from harms way, and tilted at the perfect angle towards the sun! This makes these systems in many ways more affordable, less damaging for the home, and they can even last longer!

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