Major Development Happening Near the High Desert. (Heres whats going on in the area)

Over 15,000 Homes and Major Shopping Centers Being Finished in Early 2024- At more than 9,000 acres in size and entitled for more than 15,000 homes, Silverwood will be one of the largest new communities developed in Southern California in many years. Situated at approximately 3,200 feet of elevation, Silverwood features towering views of the surrounding mountains in the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Huge Amazon Fulfillment center almost finished off the 395 and Airbase Express -Every time they establish a new Warehouse in the area they always increase the economy and property values around it, Amazon is going to bring hundreds of high paying jobs in the area, making the desire for land more attractive. This happened in 2019 as well when Big Lots Distribution center was established in Apple Valley. They brought 500 plus jobs to the area and the land values spiked from demand and the growing economy. Here is the articles of the job postings for amazon they currently hiring. CLICK HERE, CLICK HERE FOR ANOTHER POSTING

I still dont have an update for the development going on off the 15 freeway, most locals in the area believed it was amazon as well, once I get info I will post it here, but this is also a huge project that has been on going since 2020-2021 there should be more progress now and we will know soon